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How to Start a Blog in India

Published by Santosh Gairola || Dated  May 3, 2024, 11:09 am

How to Start a Blog in India? An Easy Guide for Beginners

Hi, I am Santosh Gairola on behalf of BloggingCosmos, I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your decision to start a blog in India. I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to read this blog post to discover how to start your own blogging business in India. I promise that I will give you a better learning curve to start your first blog in India through this post. 

Although this guide is specifically for Indian students and individuals looking to start a blog, those living outside of India can follow the same procedures. There are no major difference.

Meanwhile, I assure you that blogging is one of the best ways to create an author platform. Apart from that, you can start a blog on any topic and start making money with your blog’s content.

For professional authors making money from book publishing, blogging is a powerful tool to grow and expand their writing business. Indeed, blogging is an information-based business model. Thus, it is one of the best career options in India in 2024 and beyond. 

There are people in Indian bloggers and writers community who are earning more than 8 lakhs a month just by blogging. If they can, why not you? Undoubtedly, you too can. So, without further ado let’s get started with the process…

In a simple definition, a Blog is the same as a website. But, the website does not get updated frequently with content whereas blogs get updated with content by means of blog posts every now and then.

Blogging is actually the process of writing and publishing content (blog posts)  to your blog. The content might be anything of your choice related to the theme (niche) of the blog.

Investment Required to Start a Blog in India in 2024

There are two possible ways that you can choose to start a blog in India in 2024.

  • Without investment
  • With Investment

Without an Investment:

If you are not willing to invest money in your blog, go for the no-investment method. 

Of course, you can start a blog in India without investment through free blogging platforms like,,, and a few more out there.

Do I recommend this method? 

Obviously No! It does not work in the long run as you have to face so many issues in your blogging career when you use free platforms.

Do not think that I am discouraging you. It’s a fact that I am sharing. Not just my personal opinion.

Don’t bother, I have a better affordable solution. Just read below:

With Investment:

Imagine your blog as a business. So, starting a business obviously demands you an investment. 

The thing is how we affordably plan the investment. 

That’s what the upcoming sections of the blog post are going to be. Yes, I will tell you the most affordable solutions on how to start a blog in India.

How to Start a Blog in India? An Easy Step by Step Process [Plus Investment Required]

Follow the step-by-step below process on how to start a blog in India. 

In order to start a blog in India, you need to invest in some basic things that I will mention in each step.

Step 1: Choose Your Blog Niche

No investment is required. But out and out, the process demands your time and ideology.

Blog niche means the theme of your blog. In simple terms, the niche is what you are going to write about in your blog.

For example, If you are writing about Football in your blog, sports is the main niche of your blog whereas Football is a sub-niche as simple as that.

To start a blog in India, as a first step, you must choose your blog niche. It can be anything of your choice such as finance, food, and recipes, cricket, entertainment etc.

But, my simple advice on choosing your blog niche is don’t’ be broader, just focus on one thing in the broader category.

For instance, web hosting is the broadest market. At the same time, shared web hosting is a specialized area under web hosting.

So, instead of covering the whole web hosting, just cover only topics related to shared web hosting. It works better and the concept in blogging is what is termed as a Micro-Niche.

Micro niche blogs have a higher success ratio than niche or general topic blogs.

Another important thing is, ensure to test your passion in the niche you choose. 

If you are more passionate about the niche, you can deliver high quality content and never run out of content ideas. 

Also, the niche you select should have the potential to make profits.

There is a lot of knowledge base available on the internet on how to choose profitable niches. Refer to the posts and spend some time researching and then choose your niche wisely. 

Step 2: Registering a Domain name for your Blog

Registering for a domain name approximately costs 700 to 1000 INR for a year.

The domain name is nothing but the address (URL) identity of your blog. is the domain name/URL of this blog. 

While choosing the domain name for your blog, make it simple yet related domain name that suit perfectly for the niche of your blog.

There are popular companies like GoDaddy and NameCheap that provide affordable domain registration services. You can make use of the websites to register your domain names.

Depending on the extension you choose, the price may vary. A .COM costs you around 1000 for a year while you can register .IN or some other domain extensions at a little less cost.

You can choose to register a domain minimum of a year and a maximum of up to 10 years. The higher the period you choose, the more discount you will get.

Check the exact prices on the respective websites. 

There is a possibility that you can get a domain name worth 1000 INR for free. Wondering how? Just read step 3.

Step 3: Choose a Web Hosting Service Provider

The cost of Web hosting actually varies from plan to plan and provider to provider. So, the investment required for web hosting to start a blog in India depends on the hosting plan and provider you choose.

As I promised earlier, I will tell you the most affordable solutions. 

Here is my recommendation, Hostinger India web hosting service provider, an ideal yet affordable web hosting service provider that charges just 69 INR/month

As you are just starting, I recommend you consider shared web hosting plans. It’s cheap and best for beginners to start a blog in India.

Hostinger shared web hosting pricing plans

There are primarly three shared web hosting plans offered by Hostinger India at present.  

  • Single Web Hosting – [INR 69/mo]
  • Premium Web Hosting – [INR 129/mo]
  • Business Web Hosting – [INR 249/mo]

The above said price is for the maximum billing period. To avail maximum discounts on your hosting purchase, choose the maximum billing period.

I suggest you choose either a Single or Premium shared web hosting plan from Hostinger India.

To host a single website, the basic Single Web Hosting plan is a better choice. To host websites up to 100 with some extra resources, go for the Premium Web Hosting plan.

As I said, there is a possibility to claim 1000 INR worth domain name for a year for free. Do you remember? With Hostinger Premium Web Hosting plan purchase, you can get a domain name for free with one year validity.

How to Purchase a Hosting Plan from Hostinger India?

Click this Link (save up to 75% on your purchase just by clicking the link).

Choose the hosting plan of your choice. Add the plan to your cart, if you have chosen, the Premium plan, then register for your free domain.

The plan costs just 129 INR/mo on a 48-month billing contract.

Fill up your basic details, proceed with the payment and get the shared hosting plan in no time to start a blog in India.

The domain you registered with Hostinger for free will be added to your hosting account. If not, you can get help from the customer support team

You can now log in to your Hostinger dashboard and start working on your website mentioned in the upcoming quick steps.

Step 4: Install the WordPress Content Management System

No Investment is Required. WordPress is completely free to use forever.

WordPress is the best platform for blogging in 2024 and beyond. So, get it and launch your blog in no time. From your Hostinger hPanel dashboard, you will find an option to install WordPress. Hostinger offers a one-click WordPress installer solution. Use the option and install the CMS platform to your blog. 

  • Install WordPress Theme

Once the platform has been successfully installed on your website, now you have to install a WordPress theme to customize your website. Try either GeneratePress or Kadence, both having a free version. 

Meantime, you can also take help from AI website builder to design your blog’s theme. Just tell the AI about the niche of your blog. It will do all the work for you. Obviously, you can edit and make changes later according to your will. Your blog will be completely customizable for you. Or you can manually do all the stuff by yourself.

  • Install Mandatory Plugins

To add additional functionalities, you must install some mandatory WordPress plugins. There are plugins available for both free and paid. Go with free Plugins as you are just starting out. 

Rank Math, Contact Form by WP Forms, and UpdraftPlus are some of the plugins that you must install to make your website perform better.

  • Create Mandatory Pages on your Blog

Blogs with mandatory pages such as about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc… to be added to your new blog for a professional looking.

The page creating process is easy as you can refer to blog posts on how to create such pages. To create policy and disclaimer pages, you can use free online tools such as Termly or PrivacyPolicyGenerator

  • Create your First Blog Post

The first blog post is always special to any blog. So, choose the topic wisely and deliver the most impressive content.

You can either publish a niche oriented post or even a general post about the intention of your blog as your first post.

Don’t just stop. Keep on publishing new content on your new blog relevant to your niche. Use the proper keyword research process, to find the easy-to-rank keywords.

Step 5: Promote your New Blog as much as Possible

No investment is required as you can initially follow free blog promotional strategies.

There are multiple free blog promotional methods that you can follow to promote your blogs. Social media platforms are the best sources when it comes to promoting blogs for free.

You can use popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.. to promote your blogs at no cost. 


With a budget of 69 INR per month for the next 48 months, you can start your dream blog in India. 

No need to invest in a domain, as Hositnger offers a domain name for one year free of cost.

Remember, don’t fall for shortcuts as it never works out in terms of popularity and makes money and ends up wasting all your precious time. Blogging success cannot be achieved overnight.

I have explained the process on how to start a blog in India in the easiest possible way. If you found the post informative, give it a share. 


Friends, your every share motivates me to write more content for all the readers and helps the search engine algorithm reach the right audience. 

We are grateful for all your kindness and support. 

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