How To Plan Your Nonfiction Book Before Self-Publishing

How to plan your nonfiction book before Self-publishing
How to plan your nonfiction book before Self-publishing

So, let’s get started.

How can I effectively plan my nonfiction book before venturing into self-publishing?

For the sake of this moment, let’s assume you’ve already found the perfect title for your book. What would be your next course of action?

#1 What benefit readers will get after reading your book?

#2 What is the minimum word count for your book and where does your target audience live? Most importantly, what are their primary issues with your book topic?

#3 What is the USP (unique selling proposition) of your book and why it will appeal to your reader?

#4 Do you provide any post-purchase support for readers who have bought your book?

#5 Who are your primary competitors, and what are their potential strengths? Do you possess any capabilities that could give you an advantage over your competitors?

#6 What is the definition of success that you associate with your newly published book?

After answering these questions, you will have a clear idea about how to proceed with your book writing project. Writing a book and releasing it worldwide is a dream for many people. And if you really want to create an impact with your book, then give a strict timeline for your project. This will assist you in finishing your project. Otherwise, there are strong chances that you may quit your project in between.

Having a clear vision for your book project offers various advantages to the author. The primary benefit is establishing yourself as a leading figure in the subject, and others perceive you as an expert. However, only a rare number of first-time authors get noticed by readers in the sea of books. Therefore, don’t get disheartened if your book goes unnoticed in the market. Instead, try to learn from your mistakes. Building an author platform increases book sales, but that is a topic we will cover in another post. For now, focus on writing a quality book that can help readers overcome their problems. To achieve this, thoroughly research your topic and read books and articles on the subject. Doing so will help you understand the persona and problems of your potential readers.

2 thoughts on “How To Plan Your Nonfiction Book Before Self-Publishing”

  1. Smart tips here, Santosh. Planning is a big success secret for self-published authors because as you noted, most dive in, establish chapters and begin writing without knowing why, their goals and sans a comprehensive plan to put all into motion, seamlessly. Planning plays a chief role in a successful launch. Smart blog post my friend.


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