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How to improve your content writing skills

Published by Beena Gairola  || Dated  March 2, 2024, 11:09 am

How to improve your content writing skills?

Writing is a skill that every blogger, content writer, and marketer should embrace. If you want to become a successful writer then you must write well. In this article, I’ll teach you some simple ways to improve your content writing abilities.  Therefore, if you are looking to improve your content writing skills, this post is dedicated to that.

Hi. My name is Santosh Gairola, founder of the Blogging Cosmos blog you are reading now. Dear friend, I’m a professional blogger and marketer, and I love to read business books and watch all sorts of entrepreneurial movies. Recently I watched a fantastic movie on Netflix. The name of the movie was Intern. It is an old movie, but I liked the content of the storyline of it. It was the story of a 70-year-old man named Ben. 

In the movie, the main character Ben wanted to fill the gap in his life by joining an internet e-commerce company as an intern. He doesn’t know anything about how tech companies work because he is in the ’70s. And in the last 40+ years, he worked in those companies where there was no internet. It is an interesting movie, and I loved it because it shares the crucial message of the right way to approach branding and upholding a class in the chaos of the marketing world. 

The lesson I learned from the movie was to give an insane amount of value to your prospect, client, and audience. It generates trust that makes your brand valuable and reliable. Therefore if you want to sell something, in that case, your prospect needs to trust you first. So you should be true to yourself and your audience.

Now, what does it mean to you as a writer or content creator? And how will it improve your content writing skills?

The whole discussion directs you in a direction that if you want to write quality content for your people, your first thought should be how to provide an extensive amount of value in your content.  It is the first thing that will make your content highly admirable writing come afterward.

Therefore, well research your content before writing anything, and creating an outline for the content is always a good idea. Ask yourself a few questions like how many words you like to include in that blog post. Think about the various aspects of your content, and plan things properly about what you want to incorporate in your content and what you want to eliminate. Convey your message with conviction. It is not necessary to include useless stuff around that topic. Write only highly targeted content around that post topic that could inspire or impact the people.

You don’t need to be a world-class writer, but you certainly need to be a prolific writer. People need to trust your writing, and for that, you need to understand your target audience to fulfill their requirements as a content creator. You don’t need to add additional words to your content to make it lengthy.

Just make your statement clear by using simple language that people can understand. Simplicity is the best policy when you want to connect with people. Use short sentences in your writing and convey your message in fewer words.

Every word that we read or listen, it creates a vibration around it. It gives specific vibes to the consumer of that word. Therefore your responsibility is to understand what kind of vibes you want to create in the mind of the reader. Properly use your words while framing your sentence in the content. If something doesn’t fit in your sentence, don’t use it. Let it go with your natural flow.

Sometimes you can check out the synonyms of specific words in your article or content to improve the quality of your vibes. It works like a charm most of the time. Along with that, explore the adjective in the sentence while describing the things. But your sentence needs to be present in an active voice.

As a blogger and content creator, producing quality content for my audience is my primary concern. So I always try to pick an uplifting and motivating vibe for my readers. It is my writing pattern, which my readers can easily associate with. Therefore my every word has the reflection of optimism which I choose carefully.

I understand the difference between the two similar words.

For instance, ‘I’m sorry’ is different from ‘I apologize’. Although; both sentences have similar meanings, they still reflect different vibes.

The first one sounds a little odd, while the second one is a little bit sophisticated and well-received in the conversation.

When someone says, Sorry, it reflects that a particular person has done something terrible, so he is not trustworthy. On the other side, the term ‘I apologize’ symbolizes that a particular person has accepted his mistake and is ready to correct him. It creates trust in that person.

The difference is quite visible. Along with that, you’re writing voice also matters a lot. You can choose your writing style whether the F word connects with your writing voice or not. Having a deep understanding of your audience becomes significant here.

Writing is not about finding magical words. Indeed it is all about establishing a connection with readers. Use pleasant words in your writing so readers can feel that the writer is sitting next to them and talking like a friend. 

Another thing that you can do to improve your writing is to create a writing environment. Find a peaceful place where you can place a writing desk and chair. Put your writing machine on that table and set a specific time when you can devote yourself to writing.

It can be morning time, or it can be late-night timing, depending on your personal preference. Some writers’ mind works best at night, and some find themselves more creative in the morning. Allot a particular hour when you are going to sit on that chair to start writing.

In that way, your mind will automatically start working when you sit on that chair, and words will start flowing effortlessly. Every night before sleeping, start thinking about the topic that you want to write about the next day; doing that will also give you new ideas to add to your content.

An article or content should be like a masterpiece. Reading that piece of writing must feel like watching a movie and sensing everything at the moment. Therefore start taking ideas from your surroundings. Various events are happening around us. See those white clouds in the blue sky. And feel what emotions are coming from your inside. Feel the cold breeze that is flying the hairs of the woman behind her shoulder, and try to get more gravity in that sentence.

Hence try to include humane emotions in your writing. A majority of humans are sentimental and work according to their sentiments. Therefore try to express your feelings beautifully in your content to connect with your readers. People can sense emotions in your writing. You can use various sorts of emotions in your storytelling to grasp their interest.  Including emotions are one of the best ways to create a hook in your writing. Your hook in your writing will help readers to read your entire article.

One thing that I will highly recommend to you is reading more books. Reading books give you an idea about how the authors frame sentences. They help in improving the vocabulary. Therefore those who are in the writing profession must start reading books. I read almost 30 pages every day.

As a blogger and creative person, I’m in a highly competitive niche. Therefore, sometimes I require the help of artificial intelligence to write a quality article that should be informative, competitive, and highly valuable to my audience. Hence, I use a fabulous tool named Frase to create an outline and basic crux of the article that is plagiarism-free and valuable enough to hook readers till they finish it.

If you want to create an article in the fastest possible way that can rank in search engines; In that case, you can use some tools that can help you write a post based on some artificial intelligence. For example, ChatGPT can help you.

It depends on the topic on which you want to write. Sometimes using such tools can help you to a great extent. It gives you the ability to write your content at a faster pace. After using such tools, I rarely ever encountered writer’s block.  So if you want quickly to scale up your writing business, I suggest you use some writing assistance tools. I prefer Frase for my writing because it helps me by providing outlines, templates, and an analytical approach.

It is a paid tool, but it provides lots of features like AI-based writing assistance, you can import your content, text editor, Content optimization, Search engine assistance, private sharing with your team, and lots more.

These tools work best when you are stuck somewhere and your creative juices are not coming out. At that time, such a tool can help you by guiding what you can include in your article that other bloggers are missing. The motive behind those writing is to create an instant connection with the reader or to present a solution to them to sort out their problem.

I’m sure that as a blogger, you also want to grow your blog or business by improving your writing skills. That’s why you have visited this post.

It takes lots of time & effort to create content that is valuable and loved in the market. But you don’t need to work directionless. Taking the assistance of some tools can enhance the quality of your content. 

Another crucial writing tool that you must use in your writing is Grammarly. It is a grammar check tool, and I will highly recommend it because it helps in improving your writing, and once a month, they send your improvement report.

Today content writing is one of the most significant skills in the publishing world and content marketing business. Without the skill of good content writing, you cannot survive as a marketer or business owner.

I understand that writing can be intimidating to those who were never interested in this skill. But today, content writing is a need of the market; the ability to create content for the internet user is a power. Through this power of content generation, you can build a loyal tribe for yourself and skyrocket your business. You can start as a beginner and grow as a professional writer or author. I’m sure with practice and time, things will get less complicated.




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